Saturday, 29 October 2011

Jimmy Savile 1926-2011

With the very sad news today of Jimmy's passing here's the concluding part of his last Radio 1Old Record Club broadcast on Sunday 27 September 1987. One final Jimmy Savile point is available if you know what his last record will be.
Old Record Club_270987

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Sir Jimmy Savile 1926-2011 How's about that then!


Robin Blamires said...

Rather an abrupt departure. Then again it makes sense considering that Johnny Beerling had Savile on his culling list.

joe9t said...

Jimmy, did go on to do "savile's Travels," on independent local radio and I have many recordings of those on cassette. Thanks for uploading this last show of JS on his Old Records Club. I actually tuned in to this show when it was aired back in 1987 and used to listen to that show almost every week in the 80's. Cheers. :)

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