Sunday, 5 June 2011

Radio 2 - A Day in 12 Minutes

Inspired by Radio 2's 2DAY event on the 22nd of this month - which promises a taste of the full schedule over a 12 hour period - here's 24 hours of Radio 2 from Thursday 3 April 1980 compressed into just 12 minutes.

In this montage you'll hear: Bill Rennells, Ray Moore, Terry Wogan, Jimmy Young, David Hamilton, Ed Stewart, David Symonds (who gets the date wrong), John Dunn, Wally Whyton, Colin Berry, Alan Dell, David Bellan and Brian Matthew.


qxr963 said...

Marvellous stuff. How come you were rolling so much tape on the same day?

Andy Walmsley said...

Every now and again I'd record snippets of output from Radio 1 & 2 - in retrospect shame I didn't record more of each programme - but back in 1980, for no real good reason, just chose to keep highlights for one day. I edited down about 40 odd minutes of tape to this 12 mins montage.

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