Wednesday, 29 February 2012

BBC World Service - Behind the Scenes 1

Whether you were a shortwave listener or in Europe on 648kHz, or indeed you worked at Bush House back in 1979, here are some of the people behind the programmes featured in this photograph taken from an edition of the London Calling magazine.

1 Bob Atkins (Current Affairs)
2 Gordon House (Drama)
3 Anne Theroux (Book Programme)
4 David Dixon (Agriculture)
5 Betty Jowitt (Planning)
6 Joy Boatman (Theatre Call)
7 Malcolm Billings (Presenter)
8 Derek Hoddinott (Drama)
9 Geoffrey Stern (Presenter)
10 Brian Salter (Current Affairs)
11 John Newell (Science)
12 Peter Beer (Science)
13 Alexander MacLeod (Presenter)
14 Penny Tuerk (Letterbox)
15 David Brook (Current Affairs)
16 Stephen hedges (Science)
17 Mary White (Current Affairs)
18 Ronald Farrow (Religion)
19 Geoff Parker (Sport)
20 Daniel Counihan (Presenter)
21 RegKennedy (World Radio Club)
22 Keith Parsons (Current Affairs)
23 Anne Dent (Popular Music)
24 Alex Turnbull (Sport)
25 Brian Stephens (Popular Music)
26 Tony Durham (Presenter)
27 Maurice Travers (Current Affairs)
28 John Thompson (Presenter)


Chrissy Brand said...

Wonderful memories Andy- do you have a large collection of "London Calling"?

Andy Walmsley said...

Sadly not. About 3 years worth. I even threw some away whilst packing up when we left the UK!I'll be dipping into them for a few posts during the year. Don't suppose you have any Chrissy?

Chrissy Brand said...

Not many- I used to sell the lovely things too, and subscribed when I left Bush but eventually recycled them.

I do have all 12 from 1975 if you want to borrow them?

Andy Walmsley said...

I'd love to. Please email me Chrissy.

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