Monday, 2 April 2012

The Falklands War

Thirty years ago this week events rapidly unfolded in a part of the world that at the time few people knew existed – the Falkland Islands.

With the issue of sovereignty back in the news in this post I recall the events of 1982. I’ve retrieved these short audio clips of news bulletins of the time which hopefully will be of interest to any historians. If nothing else, from a broadcasting point of view, they are a reminder of former BBC newsreaders and reporters and also confirm just how long Peter Donaldson has been on Radio 4.
2 April 1982
Argentine forces capture the Falkland Islands. Radio 1 news read by John Andrew.
5 April 1982
Political fallout as Lord Carrington resigns. Radio 4 news read by Peter Donaldson.
25 April 1982
British attack on Argentine submarine (later confirmed as the Santa Fe). Radio 2 news read by Gavin Campbell with reports from the BBC’s defence correspondent Christopher Lee.
26 April 1982
British Marine recapture South Georgia. Radio 4 news ready by Peter Donaldson with chief political correspondent Brian Curtois, defence correspondent Christopher Lee and Tony Benn MP.
1 May 1982
British attack the Argentine held airfield at Port Stanley. The World at One with Gordon Clough, Christopher Lee and Paul Reynolds.
2 June 1982
The Battle for Goose Green had taken place a few days earlier but this report from Robert Fox was broadcast on Radio 4 on 2 June.
15 June 1982
Pooling arrangements for reporting on the conflict led to this report on Radio 4’s PM programme by IRN correspondent Kim Sabido on the ceasefire a couple of days earlier.

15 June 1982

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