Monday, 2 January 2017

And now the classified football results

Ahead of this evening's classified football results on Sports Report I'm briefly going back to January 1969 when Liverpool and Leeds topped Division 1.

Sports Report, then running as part of the Sports Service on Radio 3, was beginning its 21st year on air and was still produced by its founding father Angus Mackay. "He is the brains and heart of the show. The man behind the microphone who leads and guides and inspires and cajoles".   

Taking a look behind the scenes of Sports Report in 1969 was Harry Brown writing in the January edition of Football League Review. I'm grateful to John Flitter who kindly scanned these pages for me.

Eagle-eyed readers will spot that the photos on page 17 have been transposed; the set starting with Vincent Duggleby are actually at the bottom of the page and vice-versa.

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