Thursday, 2 August 2012

Olympiod 88

One of my favourite comedies The Now Show is putting in extra appearances over the Olympics fortnight.  But, in fact, Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis have been here before, poking fun at “the oddities of Olympic antics” during the Seoul Games in 1988. This was early in Punty and Denno’s career at a time when they had just worked together on BBC1’s Carrott Confidential and a short-lived Radio 4 series Live On Arrival. The following year they would star with Baddiel and Newman in The Mary Whitehouse Experience.   

Olympiod 88 was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 23 September 1988 (this was part one of two shows). It also starred Paul B. Davies, Joanna Mackie and Jeremy Stockwell. The producer was Bill Dare. Stand by for Hugh doing his David Coleman impression and the appearance of Ron Wittering “in the swimming pool”.

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Charlieboy said...

Thanks Andy - very timely.


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