Saturday, 28 May 2011

Janet Brown 1923-2011

The actress and comedienne Janet Brown sadly died yesterday. Perhaps best known on TV for her appearances in Who Do You Do? and The Mike Yarwood Show she became famous for her impression of Maggie Thatcher.

Janet was also a regular on the radio appearing on Radio 2’s The Impressionists and the early series of The News Huddlines.

By way of a tribute here’s The News Huddlines review of the 1970s demonstrating the vocal dexterity of both Janet Brown and Chris Emmett. So, if you remember the 1970s (and Joyce McKinney!) enjoy this canter through the decade with Roy Hudd.

The programme was broadcast live on Sunday 30 December 1979, the announcer is Richard Clegg and in the studio is David Bellan.

There’ll be more from The News Huddlines in a future post.

Read an obituary for Janet here.


entssouthwales said...

How sad - she was always a favourite as i grew up and always came across as very lovely in interviews. She was the best impersonator of Mrs thatcher too and even looked like her. Did she do a spoof record at one time called "The Iron Lady"? I seem to remeber seeing her on something performing it. Thanks for the tribute Andy - i used to regularly listen to huddlines as a teenager on Thursdays then catch the repeat on Saturday - like The Grumbleweeds!

Paul said...

I listened to the Huddlines for years and it was the very best of political comedy on radio. I hardly ever missed the show. It was a great show and Janet's contribution was amazing. They don't make em like that anymore is simply because people like Janet are so unique!


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