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Wavelength Changes 1978 - Part 5

All Change

As the D-Day of 23 November 1978 approached BBC Radio was running this promotional material for all the networks, though I can only recall it being played out on Radio 4. Again the publicity is voiced by David Symonds.

On the 22nd over on Radio 1 Dave Lee Travis was telling his listeners about the changes. The promo was voiced by the unlikely combination of John Snagge and Kid Jensen.

Later that day the Radio 4 Six O’Clock news outlined the engineering aspect of the work required. Reporter Nicholas Jones spoke to Chief Engineer Duncan McEwan and Head of Radio Aubrey Singer. The newsreader is Susan Denny.

At 11p.m. on Radio 2 Brain Matthew kicked off Round Midnight. The final long wave station identification was given by James Alexander Gordon.

Over on Radio 3 John Holmstrom was closing the network for the day and offering concerned listeners reassurance and how to avoid hearing “the Albanian Archers”.

At midnight 1500 metres long wave switched from Radio 2 to Radio 4. Here’s Brian Matthew before midnight and David Symonds after midnight (I cheated slightly and recorded this on VHF). I assume this is the first play of Sailing By.

Radio 2 had planned to be broadcasting 24 hours a day at this stage but industrial problems prevented this, so the station closed at 2 a.m. and re-opened at 5 a.m. The early morning announcing shift was taken by Presentation Editor Jimmy Kingsbury. The Early Show is presented by Tony Brandon.
Radio 2 Closedown and Open

Radio 4 opened at 6 a.m., David Symonds on overnight announcing duty.
Radio 4 Open

At 7a.m. Radio 3 was on-air with announcer Cormac Rigby in particularly poetic mood.
Radio 3 Open

On 275 and 285 metres DLT (aka “The Hairy Cornflake”) welcomed Radio 1 listeners.
Radio 1 - DLT

In this news report from Radio 4 Mike Wooldridge reviewed the mammoth task to change over the transmitters.
News Report - Mike Wooldridge

Radio 1 was running a Jaws 2 Competition by asking you to name all the DJs in the wavelength jingle.
Radio 1 - Jaws 2 Competition

On Newsbeat Laurie Mayer spoke to Eileen Mullan who was in charge of the publicity for the changeover.
Radio 1 Newsbeat

And to close, that week’s News Huddlines seemed confused by the whole exercise.
The News Huddlines

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