Friday, 5 December 2014

The Christmas Laughalong

Two of the most popular radio comedies of the late 70s and early 80s were Listen to Les (74-85) and Castle’s on the Air (74-83). Both Radio 2 shows came from the BBC’s Manchester comedy outpost under the stewardship of James Casey.

Occasionally the two stars, Les Dawson and Roy Castle, would come together for ‘Laughalong’ specials.  This is one such seasonal offering from 1982. Joining them are Castle’s radio sidekick Eli Woods, who’d also co-starred alongside Dawson on his YTV series Sez Les, and Daphne Oxenford who was a regular on Listen to Les. The music is provided by Brian Fitzgerald and his Orchestra.
The Christmas Laughalong was broadcast on Friday 24 December 1982.  

When I dug out the Laughalong tape on the other side was The Grumbleweeds Christmas Party. However, containing copious amounts of Savile impressions and a guest appearance from Stuart Hall that particular show won’t get a release anytime soon.

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