Wednesday, 1 December 2010

David Hamilton Music Show

Radio Times 5 December 1977
More David Hamilton, this time from the 1980s.

By November 1977 David’s afternoon show was now on Radio 2 only. He continued in this time slot until early 1980. Here’s the end of that last show on 4 January. The clip also includes a minute or so of David Symonds introducing Much More Music.


From 18 February 1985 this is a 45 minute extract from his daily show. By now back in the afternoon sandwiched between Gloria Hunniford and John Dunn from 4 to 6 pm.

 I recorded each of the DJ hosted shows on this day in 1985 (one on each side of a C90 cassette so just 40 odd minutes or so) and I’ll post those shows later.

Finally, here’s the end of David Hamilton’s last show on the BBC from 19th December 1986. He left the station apparently complaining that the music policy was "geriatric".


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