Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wavelength Changes 1978 - Part 3

Radio Changes Publicity

In the lead up to the wavelength changes (or frequency changes, take your pick) in November 1978 the BBC publicity machine went into overdrive. In this post you can hear a selection of the musical, comedy and celebrity based promotions.
  • Instant Sunshine
  • Radio 2 changes with Larry Grayson
  • Mari Griffith on Radio 4 in Wales
  • Changing metres not meters - can anyone identify the voices?
  • Radio 2 changes with Johnny Mathis
  • The Jason Explanation of Wavelength Changes with David Jason and Sheila Stefal

1 comment:

entssouthwales said...

I remember that Radio Times - there were several over that period that were produced in Black and White due to a printers strike - those were the days - great cover!

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