Thursday, 31 March 2011

Testing...One, Two

In the days before round-the-clock radio if you tuned in before the start of the day's broadcasting you'd have heard lots of beeps and whistles. Not some alien communication from outer space but test tone transmissions. These were designed to "assist in the setting-up and checking of stereo receivers."

Here's what they sounded like (yes I really am posting a few buzzing sounds!):

You could get a BBC Engineering Information sheet to explain exactly what you'd hear:

More BBC Engineering information sheets can be found here.


entssouthwales said...

Wow that first one sounds like The intro to I Feel Fine by The Beatles! A day out i might have suspected this was an April fool Joke!

qxr963 said...

I used to have that Radio 3 tests leaflet. There was rather a fine announcement preceding the tests explaining that they were 'intended to facilitate certain tests on stereophonic receiving equipment.'

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