Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Collection Closes

There are just three broadcasters whose careers started in the 1940s that are still on-air today. All three started off in forces broadcasting. All three did a bit of acting, worked on the Light Programme and Radio Luxembourg and appeared regularly on our TV screens in the 1960s. This broadcasting triumvirate can all be heard on BBC Radio 2. They are David Jacobs, Brian Matthew and Desmond Carrington.   Sadly David is hanging up his headphones (as the old DJ cliché goes) and presents his final show (the occasional special, health permitting, apart) this evening after nearly 70 years with the Corporation. For those, such as myself, who have been regular listeners it is a sad day.

With David’s retirement we lose yet another link with the past. When he plays a record by Frank Sinatra, he actually met him. Lena Horne, Alma Cogan, Bing Crosby, he’s worked with them too. That breadth of knowledge and the personal anecdotes are, quite simply, irreplaceable.

The final show in the David Jacobs Collection airs this evening at 11 p.m. But, if you can’t wait, here’s an edition I recorded on 8 May 2005.

I also urge you to listen to Desmond Carrington’s Friday night show as he played, in full, a show from May 1986 in which he and David reminisced about their broadcasting careers and their favourite music.


Steve Morton said...

Born the same year as my late father, they were also in the navy at the same time.

My dad mentioned meeting him when they were in the navy, but I'm not sure which ship it was. I have my dad's naval record now.

Born in 1926 so he must be 87 years old, that really is a long career!

Anonymous said...

David Jacobs has retired from Broadcasting due to ill health for his final show on BBC Radio 2.

With His Famous Collection of Music over the years including Ruby Murray,Michael Holliday,Yana,Cliff Richard,Norrie Paramor,Shirley Bassey,Frank Sinatra,Nat King Cole,Dean Martin,Bing Crosby,Stanley Black,West Side Story,Funny Girl,Bye Bye Birdie,Ella Fitzgerald,Charlie Barnet,Sammy Davis Jr,Robert Farnon,Nelson Riddle,Billy May,Ronnie Hilton,Biltz,Oliver,Dick Van Dyke,
Leonard Bernstein,John Barry & Millicent Martin.

I Wish you on your retirement David after 68 years with The BBC Radio 2.

Terry Christie
From Sunderland,Tyne & Wear

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