Monday, 3 February 2014

I Predict a Riot

In the first part of Trumpton Riots Brian Cant remembered the worlds of Noggin the Nog, Jones the Steam and the Soup Dragon. Due to popular demand, well two requests, here’s the rest of this five-part series first heard on BBC Radio 4 at Christmas 1993.

In Today is Saturday Caron Keating recalls the chaos that was Saturday morning TV on TISWAS.  There are reminiscences from Chris Tarrant, Lenny Henry, Sally James and Bob Carolgees. The identity of the Phantom Flan Flinger is not revealed  but there is a chance to sing-a-long with The Bucket of Water Song and a unique rendition of Bright Eyes.

Through the Arched Window revisits Play School. Maggie Philbin hears from former presenters Brian Cant, Johnny Ball, Julie Stevens, Chloe Ashcroft and Fred Harris. We find out about the theft of Big Ted, why there was a reserve Hamble and why we rarely went through the arched window.

Programme four asks Val or Sue, John or Tommy? as Sally James she goes back to the days of Blue Peter and Magpie.  There are contributions from Peter Purves, John Noakes, Biddy Baxter, Tommy Boyd, Mick Robertson and Susan Stranks. The history of Magpie is somewhat misrepresented, totally overlooking the first presenters Tony Bastable and Pete Brady and there’s no mention of Douglas Rae who joined in August 1971.

In the final programme Fred Harris visits the world of Pugwash, Windy and Barney McGrew. Fred talks to voice of Bill and Ben and Pugwash Peter Hawkins, Mr Benn creator David McKee, animator of Captain Pugwash John Ryan, Michael Cole who came up with Fingerbobs and creator of Trumpton and Camberwick Green Gordon Murray.  Hear about the real Festing Road, why Rick Jones was Yoffy and the sad fate of the Trumpton puppets.

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