Saturday, 29 January 2011

Tony Blackburn - Happy Birthday

It’s Tony’s 68th birthday today-sensational! Today he was presenting Radio 2’s Pick of the Pops live for the first time since taking over the programme last November. To help celebrate he was playing a brand new set of PAMS jingles re-sings by s2Blue, and great they sounded too. Anyone who knows their PAMS Sonosational, Jet Set and Music Explosion jingles will have recognised them.

Tony’s broadcasting career is well known and there are plenty of audio examples ‘out there’.

Here’s Tony back in 1984. This was in the old Junior Choice slot but by that time just known as the Tony Blackburn show. Both recordings are made from medium wave broadcasts.

First from Sunday 12 August 1984

Secondly, here's Tony's final show on Radio 1 from Sunday 23 September 1984. He ends by playing the first record he played on the station, Flowers in the Rain.

The only clip I have of Junior Choice with Tony Blackburn is this short 6 minute segment from 1981. Perhaps of even greater interest is the 5 minute Radio 1 start-up sequence. This one was used at weekends only I believe and uses a mix of early JAM, PAMS and Audio Producers jingles and beds.   

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