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Radio 2 Announcers L-Z

This is part two of my listing of BBC Radio 2 announcers and newsreaders. Names A-K are shown on this other post.

Jan Leeming

Announcer Westward TV 1965 then at Granada. Newsreader on Reports West. Presenter on BBC’s Tom Tom and Pebble Mill at One and HTV's Women Only. On Radio 2 November 1978 to February 1980. BBC TV Newsreader 1980-87. Returned as occasional presenter of Radio Orchestra shows in late 1980s.

Patrick Lunt

Worked for the BBC in the Gramophone and Music Libraries. First broadcast in 1973 with BFBS in Germany. Joined Radio 2 in August 1978. Presenter of You and the Night and the Music and Nightride. With the network for about 30 years, in later years mainly doing the Sunday night shift. Provided the opening announcement for the BBC1 Six O’clock News between 1984 and 1993.

Michael Meech

Started broadcasting as newsreader in Bristol on Points West. At BBC Radio London and later LBC on the AM programme. On Radio 2 as announcer and presenter early 1970s until August 1978. Hosted Folk 76 and The Late Show.  Provided pre-recorded London Transport train announcements. Was a reporter for Outlook on the BBC World Service in the early 80s.

Paddy O’Byrne

Started at Springbok Radio in South Africa then in UK on Capital Radio as one of the presenters of Night Flight. Radio 2 announcer, newsreader and presenter late 70s and in 1980s. Hosted the Saturday Early Show for a while along with Music from the Movies, the BBC Northern Radio Orchestra shows and You and the Night and the Music. Returned to South Africa working for the South African Broadcasting Association. Now retired living in Ireland. Died in 2013.

Julian Potter
On Radio 1 &2 in 1976 and 1977. Long time World Service newsreader for 20 years. Capital Radio 604 in South Africa in early 80s.

Phil Rapps
Worked on BBC Radio Oxford. Announcer/newsreader on Radio 2 early 80s, also presenting You and the Night and the Music.

Bill Rennells

Originally a print journalist for 25 years. Founder member of BBC Radio Oxford in 1970. Also worked for BBC Radio Nottingham. Joined Radio 2 in April 1978 as newsreader/announcer and presenter of You and the Night and the Music and Nightride, Easy Does It and The Early Show. Presenter of Test Match Special. Returned to Radio Oxford in 1991 and currently presenting Harmony Nights with wife Angela.

Moira Stuart

Started at BBC in 1970s as a production assistant. In late 1970s became newsreader/announcer on Radio 4 before moving to Radio 2 in March 1980. Left the station in July 1981. Occasional presenter of You and the Night and the Music.  Joined BBC TV as newsreader in 1981 before being dropped in 2007. In 2010 re-joined Radio 2 as newsreader on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.

Vivien Stuart
Radio 2 from June 1979 to 1982 as newsreader/announcer and presenter of You and the Night and the Music. In the 80s an announcer on Thames TV and BBC TV and announcer/newsreader at Central TV. Returned to Radio 2 as the “weather girl” on the Derek Jameson Breakfast Show between 1986 and 1991. From 1991 a presenter on the World Service programme World Business Report.

Sheila Tracy

First broadcast was as the Tracy Sisters in 1958 on In Town Tonight and then Workers Playtime, Mid-Day Music Hall and Saturday Club. BBC TV announcer from February 1961. On Light Programme in February 1963 presenting Late Choice. Also on Melody Fair, Anything Goes and Music for Late Night People. Presented regional tv programmes such as Spotlight South West and South Today. On Radio 4 as announcer from October 1973 and first woman to read the news on BBC national radio on 16 July 1974, more on this here. Joined Radio 2 in January 1977 where she hosted The Late Show, You and the Night and the Music, The Early Show and Saturday Night with the BBC Radio Orchestra. Best known for (a) the Truckers’ Hour - read more on this and hear an edition from 1981 here - and (b) Big Band Special from 1979 to 2001.

Andrew Turner

On Radio 2 as announcer and newsreader November 1978 to April 1979 before moving to Radio 1. Later presenter on Atlantic 252.

Bruce Wyndham

Came from a theatrical background as the family had connections with Wyndham’s Theatre in London. Was in a character actor in a number of British films in the 30s and early 40s. Joined the Royal Navy, reaching the rank of lieutenant-commander, until 1946. Joined the BBC in 1948 as an announcer on the General Overseas Service, but also working on the Light Programme (Tip Top Tunes, The Band Waggon). Became duty operation assistant in 1959 before moving across to the Light Programme as announcer in 1964. Presented Morning Music and Sunday Best. Was long-running Saturday presenter of Breakfast Special and The Early Show on the Light and Radio 2. Also presented Saturday Swings and Night Ride. Freelance from 1976 when he worked for Radio 210 in Reading and made a brief return to Radio 2 in June 1977 for the odd news reading shift. Moved to Radio Hallam in 1978. Died in Sheffield on 11 July that year.

All recordings are my own with the exception of the Radio 1 new bulletin read by Julian Potter which comes from Azanorak.
Edit 16 February 2012: Bruce Wyndham. Edit 15 February 2013 Paddy O'Byrne and all audio uploads. 


JoWyndhamWard said...

So nice to hear my father, Bruce Wyndham's voice, after many years! Thank you!

Andy Walmsley said...

A pleasure. I have at least one other non-BBC clip if you want to email me. Unfortunately I have nothing from his long run on Breakfast Special/The Early Show.

duettists said...

You will be sorry to hear that Paddy O'Byrne died at his home in Ireland last night.

duettists said...

You will be sorry to hear that Paddy O'Byrne died at his home in Ireland last night.

Unknown said...

Loved to hear Bruce Wyndham's shows on the BBC,half wind half ham,a much missed broadcaster.!

Howard Callow said...

Hi, I have four more names to add to your list Andy (absolutely superb site btw)

Olumide Thomas who briefly presented String Sound and also Nightride in January 1989 - and also interestingly got a name check on David Jacobs “This is your Life” - those days the newsreader was always introduced by the presenter who was on at the time and David professionally handing over to Olumide with the news whilst being “got” by Michael Aspel!

Louise Bruce who voiced a few specials and presented Nightride in November 1991

Liz Shaw (from BBC Radio Lincolnshire) who read the news the early part of 1988

Vivien Creegor ... not 100% sure of her tenure but perhaps early to mid nineties, maybe a little later?!

Many thanks


Howard Callow

(Self - Confessed Radio Geek)

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