Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Radio 1 DJ Calendar

December, so time to get hold of your calendar for next year. Why not buy the Radio 1 calendar with “twelve stunning pictures of all your favourite DJs, in full colour”. OK, so it went out of production sometime in the 80s. But back in 1976 here’s new recruit Kid Jensen advertising the 1977 calendar available for just £1.

This promo is for the 1983 calendar – with thanks to whoever first posted it on Jinglemad. The voiceover here provided by Michael McClain.

With pictures ranging from straight forward portraits to increasingly bizarre situations, the 1981 circus theme is particularly tacky, the calendar was just part of the station merchandising from Radio 1 Offers. Look out for more goodies in the New Year.

Tony Blackburn, Maggie Philbin & Keith Chegwin

John Peel and Tommy Vance

Steve Wright and Jimmy Savile


Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me when the first Radio 1 calendar was released?


Andy Walmsley said...

Will. Not sure exactly when other than probably mid-70s. Radio 1 offers was run under licence from the BBC by John & Tony Miles and they started using the Goodie Mobile from the summer 1974 roadshows. I can only assume the calendars came along a year or so later.

Unknown said...

I have a copy of a 1975 calendar and to date have not seen an earlier one. From what you say about the Goodie Mobile starting on the 1974 roadshows, maybe 1975 was actually the first.

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