Thursday, 11 October 2012

Amnesty Day

Today is the Listeners’ Archive amnesty day so if you have any tapes of old programmes that could plug a gap in the BBC’s collection they’d love to hear from you.

The project have produced a wish list of some of the shows they’re after. This list includes a number of Light Programme favourites such as Saturday Club, Midday Spin, Housewives’ Choice, Family Favourites, Music While You Work and so on; programmes that ran for years but were not thought worthy, at the time, of keeping.

Speaking to Project Manager Will Jackson he told me they’d also like to hear from anyone who kept some of the regular DJ presented shows from Radio 1 and Radio 2. So, for example, whilst there are any number of recordings of Jimmy Young interviewing the Prime Minister of the day there’s little of him doing his daily recipe.  

A selection of archive clips provided by listeners will feature in a special Radio 2 programme airing on 14 November, the day of the BBC’s 90th.

Trevor Dann has been doing the rounds of BBC stations to promote the project. Last month he was on the station where he started his radio career, Radio Nottingham, talking to Mark Dennison.
Trevor Dann_240912
Just this week a very enjoyable chat with Jeremy Vine on Radio 2.
Trevor Dann_091012
And as Jeremy wanted to hear his first show from 2003 I've posted a few minutes from it here.

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