Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Radio Game

I love a quiz. So a quiz about radio, well that’s just up my street.  So how about trying this one: The Radio Game.

There’s a catch mind, it was broadcast back in 1982 for the BBC’s 60th anniversary so some of the questions … well, let’s just say you’ll need a good knowledge of wartime and post-war radio. 

Question master Barry Took was asking listeners to write in with their 60 answers. Of course that wouldn’t work these days, everyone would be straight onto the internet.  No problem in 1982 of course, so it was a question of memory, asking around or popping down to your local library.

Listen to The Radio Game and see how many questions you can get right WITHOUT resorting to Google, Wikipedia  or even the reference books on your shelf.  If you’re really keen please email me your answers and I’ll give you a mention on the blog. Sorry no prizes are on offer, just the smug satisfaction that you know your stuff.

I’ll post the answers, as revealed by Barry in The Radio Game: All The Answers, on this blog on Monday 12 November in the week of the BBC’s 90th anniversary. So get your thinking caps on.

The Radio Game was  broadcast on Radio 4 on Sunday  3 October 1982.

The Radio Times printed a list of notes to act as prompts to the questions, I’ve reproduced them below:  

1 Now and when
2 Favourite of the family
3 O Captain, My Captain
4 The Doctor’s dilemma
5 The young Archers
6 Honeymooners
7 Royal relations
8 Waiting for His Worship
9 Yelp!
10 Toyshop
11 On with the show
12 Knock, knock, who’s there
13 Initial difficulties
14 Mopping up
15 Old shaver
16 Letter writer
17 The other Gracie Fields
18 On the beach
19 At the front
20 On the balcony
21 Not so quick
22 Talking sport
23 Out and in
24 Back to square one
25 Horse sense
26 Double act
27 Poor Denis
28 How are you?
29 Alternative medicine
30 Green fingers
31 More green fingers
32 Time check
33 Fractured French
34 Cheers!
35 Here is the news
36 Even more news
37 Post-war depression
38 Bright interval
39 Spot the Goon
40 More or less Mozart
41 All change
42 Snap, crackle, pop
43 Houseperson’s choice
44 Gramophone-record rider
45 He sings as well
46 Introducing …
47 Space Invaders
48 Hitch-Hikers
49 Playing Hamlet 1
50 Playing Hamlet 2
51 Playing Hamlet 3
52 Land of our fathers
53 Noises on
54 Fall off
55 Move on
56 Noises off
57 Singing the Blue
58 One of the gang
59 Castaway
60 Go on, try!

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