Thursday, 2 June 2011

Radio Six International - 48 Years on Air

On Monday 6 June Radio Six International will have been broadcasting, in one guise or another, for 48 years and they will be celebrating this with a special day of programmes. I’m not sure why 48 years is significant, but any excuse for dipping into the archives I suppose.

Worth picking out the schedules are the following:
00:00 Station Theme Tunes – a medley of about 20 tunes used over the years.
11:30 This is Abba – featuring an interview with Benny & Bjorn.
12:30 Classical Sequence – a 1981 programme hosted by former Radio 2&3 and BBC Scotland announcer Alma Cadzow.
13:20 Meet Carol Hersee – an interview with the famous Test Card girl
20:00 John Lennon-The Final Interview – an interview made originally for RKO Radio  just a couple of days after the BBC one by Andy Peebles. This has already played out on stations worldwide last December and is available on iTunes.
22:40 Glasgow Tonight – a 1979 news magazine presented by Bill Turnbull.

All times are in GMT so if you’re in the UK add an hour, I’ll need to remember to add two hours.

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