Saturday, 11 June 2011


It’s often the simplest ideas that work best. Take a bunch of actors, broadcasters and various literary types, throw a few quotes from books, plays and popular culture at them to identify and discuss. That’s Quote…Unquote,  running on BBC Radio 4 since 1976.

The show was devised and continues to be hosted by Nigel Rees and has spawned several books. Nigel’s broadcasting career has combined both journalism and comedy. He’s presented Today, Kaleidoscope and 24 Hours but also Week Ending and, perhaps best known of all and a personal favourite of mine, The Burkiss Way.

Here’s Nigel on The Burkiss Way back in 1977:

And two years later sitting in for Jimmy Young:

I’m sharing three editions of Quote…Unquote in this post. I’ve selected them because they feature Messers Wogan and Peel.

First an edition first broadcast on 15 June 1977 and repeated on 31 August 1979 over on Radio 2. On the panel are Terry Wogan, Ian McKellen, Arthur Marshall and Anna Ford.

From the 11th series in 1986 an edition broadcast on 18 June with John Peel, David Steel, Gemma O’Conner and Sheridan Morley.

And from later in the same series the same panel as broadcast on 20 December 1986.

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Thanks so much, Andy! Well worth the wait. Long may you run!

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