Monday, 1 August 2011

Radio 1 Roadshow - In Scarborough

Back in 1993 I drove up the coast to Scarborough to watch the Radio 1 Roadshow with Gary Davies (in the interests of research naturally). Gary was a master at working the crowd, providing the sound effects during his story and cheering like maniacs when the show went on-air.
Gary Davies signs autographs in the Goodie Mobile
I filmed a lot of the show and here’s the opening few minutes as the programme kicked off at 11 a.m. With Gary is producer John Leonard and miming to her latest song Kim Appleby.

Other guests on the show were Richard Darbyshire (ex Living in a Box) and Irish band The Fat Lady Sings. You can see more of the show including the audience warm-up on my YouTube channel.  

Normski appeared on stage and for some reason other Radio 1 DJs hanging around that day, but not appearing on-air, were Claire Sturgess and Lisa I’Anson.  
Claire Sturgess
Lisa I'Anson poses for the local press
Gary with an adoring fan

These days Gary runs the Upfront Media Group

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