Friday, 14 September 2012

Moyles Moves On

Chris Moyles has left the studio.

Yes, his ego may be the size of Broadcasting House. Yes, some of those links were a tad overlong. And those interviews with the latest young female pop star did get a bit creepy – I’d switch over to Wogan or Hirsty’s Daily Dose at that point. But there’s absolutely no denying his creativity, his quick wit and technical proficiency.

Admittedly I’ve heard less of Radio 1 Breakfast of late since the daily commutes into York ended and those occasional mornings sitting in the car at Grimston Bar Park & Ride not wanting to miss the end of a link. For the radio anoraks Chris would gave us an insight into the workings of the radio studio or mock the latest missive from management. He also gave us those wonderful jingles – with real musicians and real singers – will we ever hear their like again?

Breakfast show producers love regular fixed-time features but Moyles soon got bored of most of these – Carpark Catchphrase, Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz, Tedious Link and the self-indulgent Golden Hour aside – they interrupted his flow. Here’s one of my favourites though, from a couple of years ago, if only to hear Westwood mangling the English language: Where Am I?
Where Am I?


Robin Carmody said...

If Moyles (a man who lest we forget equated all modern Germans with Nazis) can inspire praise in terms of "real singers and real musicians" that alone makes it clear why he arguably should never have come - and certainly has to go now.

Incidentally, I can think of plenty of Radio 1 DJs over the last 45 years who were predominately inspired by *white* American music who "mangled the English language" (at least by your criteria) just as much as Westwood ever has. Just saying, like. Just saying.

Andy Walmsley said...

I'm guessing, Robin, that you've not driven along with the radio on full blast singing along to The Cheesy Song? Did I just confess to that!

Chrissy Brand said...

If he has thankfully actually left the Beeb then I might tune into Radio One at that time of day again, just to check!

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