Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas 42

Memories from 70 years ago: Petula Clark’s radio debut, Wilfred Pickles singing the Internationale, Dimbleby over Berlin, Ack Ack Beer Beer, Victor Sylvester’s Dance Club and Churchill announcing the end of the beginning.

Christmas 42 was a BBC Radio 4 programme presented by Christopher Andrew was first broadcast on Saturday 25 December 1982.
Christmas 42


Steve Morton said...

A question for you Andy...

When did the two week Christmas issue of Radio Times start? When I was a kid I can recall that the Christmas edition was the only issue my Mum and Dad used to buy.

But I have fond memories of sitting down with the Radio Times planning out my TV schedule with only 3 channels to pick from! The best day was of course was Christmas Eve TV for kids... It took some planning to see the best TV of the year!!


Andy Walmsley said...

Steve, the Christmas 1969 issue was the first double one covering Dec 20 to Jan 2. I have a copy (PDF), naturally!

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