Saturday, 15 August 2015

Two Goes Total FM

On 15 August 1990 BBC Radio 2 shed its AM frequencies. It was now FM all the way.

693 and 909 kHz was to be the home of BBC Radio 5, with its launch date of 27 August 1990. Filling that 12-day interregnum was Radio 2's usual sports coverage (Sport on 2 and Sports Desks ) plus an Information Service. Essentially this was a tape loop featuring many of the Radio 2 DJs offering advice to befuddled listeners on how to re-tune to the FM service. On weekdays there were also live phone-in sessions with Derek Jameson, Jimmy Young, David Jacobs, Gloria Hunniford, David Allan and Katie Boyle. .

This is how the service sounded on the morning of 15 August:

The day before Radio 5's launch we had less from Radio 2 and more Radio 5 programme trailers. I recorded this on the morning of 26 August.

In the next post, the sound of Radio 5. 


Unknown said...

U R clearly a Brit radio fan.
Here's Q; Capital Radio in the 1970s (75/76/77)
There was a woman DJ on at weekends, Sunday for sure. (2-4pm I think)
Any idea her name? I was googling around but someone may have offline schedules etc..


Andy Walmsley said...

Milt, I suspect this may be Maggie Norden who seems to be the only regular female DJ on Sundays in the mid-70s.

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