Wednesday, 11 December 2019

A Radio Christmas Card

There are lots of familiar voices in this audio Christmas card from December 1989. Familiar, that is, to listeners to the BBC World Service.

This programme is essentially a 40 minute promotion (here trimmed of the music down to 30  minutes) for some regular World Service programmes at the time. Your genial host pouring his guests a paper cup of Bush House plonk is Bob Holness, the regular presenter of the request show Anything Goes.

Popping into the studio are Paddy Feeny (Sportsworld), Andy Kershaw (Andy Kershaw's World of Music), Hugh Prysor-Jones (Newshour), Barbara Myers (Outlook), Ken Bruce (The Ken Bruce Show), David Allan (Country Style), Edward Greenfield (Music Review), Gordon Clyde (The Pleasure's Yours), Sarah Ward (Multitrack), Charles Alexander (Jazz Scene UK), newsreaders Alison Rooper and Brian Empringham, Malcolm Billings (Seven Seas), religious programmes producer Julie Lloyd, John Sugar and Annie Bristow (Megamix).     

A Radio Christmas Card is produced by Dave Tate.

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