Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy 90th Jimmy Young

Next week Jimmy Young celebrates his 90th birthday. In recognition of this Jim is making a one-off return to Radio 2 for a conversation with Ken Bruce.

Many listeners, myself included, will fondly recall Jim’s chats with Terry Wogan when he’d pop in during Terry’s show, ostensibly to plug what was happening on the JY prog.  Here are a couple of examples, first this from 1978:

A second example, this time from 1980:

So popular were these morning encounters that Radio 2 gave Jim and Terry a joint show on August Bank Holiday 1978. This is a recording of that show. I edited out some of the music at the time (i.e. by using the pause button) so I’ve tidied up some of these joins and the opening is missing too.

The announcer at the end of the programme is Richard Clegg. The show was produced by Geoff Mullin. Please be assured that Jimmy was wearing his vest during this recording. Enjoy the prog!

I plan to post a full tribute to Jimmy Young next year.

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entssouthwales said...

Used to love the banter between Wogan and JY and look forward to listening to the joint programme...

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