Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Grumbleweeds

“You get right up my nose you do pal.” In a week when the BBC announces cutbacks in the amount of comedy on Radio 2 I recall one of the most popular comedy shows of the 1980s.

Robin Colvill, Maurice Lee, Graham Walker. Albert Sutcliffe and Carl Sutcliffe performed as The Grumbleweeds in radio series between 1979 and 1989. So here are memories of Uncle Nasty. Wilf ‘Gas Mask’ Grimshaw and Tiny Tots Teatime Time.

From Sunday 6 July 1980 programme 5 of series 2:

From Sunday 10 August 1980 programme 10 of series 2:

Robin and Graham still tour as The Grumbleweeds and you can read more about them and hear other editions of the programme on their website here.

2021 postscript: Graham died in 2013 but Robin has continued to perform as The Grumbleweeds with James Brandon. I've uploaded further editions of the radio series to YouTube. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Just a note to let you know that your blog is very much appreciated and has brought back some very fond memories, particularly of Radio 2 and Radio 3's announcers gone by. Keep up the great work!
All the best,

entssouthwales said...

I loved The Grumbleweeds - I'm downloading these as I write - I always loved the format of their shows which really worked on radio - it never quite transferred to TV unfortunately but I'd love to see them live.

Charlieboy said...

Thanks Andy. I downloaded these a while back but failed to say "thanks".


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