Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Random Jotting

Random Radio Jottings is one year old today.

The blog has its genesis in the Digital Spy Radio Forum. A poster asked whether anyone recalled a Radio 2 weekday music show from the mid-80s called Music All the Way. I not only remembered the programme but had a copy of it too so I posted it online for people to listen to. This gave me the idea – why not post more old programmes that I’d recorded over the years and share my archive. But rather than just upload them I’d write about the programmes, providing context, history, production details and so on. So I started Random Radio Jottings.

Over the intervening year I’ve been encouraged by the positive comments, feedback and audio clips that I’ve received  from like-minded enthusiasts and bloggers as well as from those in the radio profession. A big thank you to everyone.  

So here is that recording of Music All Way as broadcast on 11 February 1986. The announcer is Tim Gudgin.


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Robin Blamires said...

I'm guessing this would be just over a month before Radio 2's big relaunch.
The opening theme sounds almost identical to Herb Alpert's "Route 101".

Andy Walmsley said...

That's right Robin. Music All the Way ended its run on 4 April that year. The following week Derek Jameson took over Breakfast from Ken Bruce. Other shows changed their start and end times.
Never known what the theme tune was, assumed it was specially written/performed for the prog, but yes it does sound Herb Alpert-ish. Am on the look out for the Music All the Way jingle too if anyone has it.

Robin Blamires said...

Not sure if it's the exact jingle you're searching for, but below is the Music All The Way version of the presenter cut that Radio 2 had at the time.

The acapella, along with the others was actually introduced in early 1985 as the BBC requested JAM to send them separately as the original dub just contained the main mixes for each presenter.

Willj said...

The MATW theme was Atlantic Drive by Ray Davies. I tracked it down with the help of some R2 Con announcers and have it here:

Andy Walmsley said...

Excellent, another track for my radio themes collection.

Charles Nove said...

An odd little duty, that one, which involved heading for one of Broadcasting House's least popular studios (bit of lashup, no windows, dodgy ventilation etc) and doing the live top and tail for this, and playing in the music, "supervised" by the BBC's most panicky producer and a bored engineer. Overmanning? Never!

Unknown said...


Could someone possibly and kindly give me a link to this track. I klnow I had it on my computer but it has disappeared.
The site shown on one of the postings the link doesnt work


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