Monday, 28 October 2013

Two for the Price of One

It was a case of too much Bob Harris on Saturday night/Sunday morning with a playout error giving us two sections of Bob’s show at once.

Of course mistakes do happen, that’s part of the joy of live broadcasting, or indeed when playing out pre-recorded shows for that matter! But “glitches” on Radio 2 do get noticed. And since the new computerised system came in just over a year ago that emergency tape has kicked in and there have been unexplained silences on a number of occasions. Most have been at the weekend. Is there anybody at BH monitoring the output on Saturday and Sunday? One for Feedback no doubt.
For the curious here’s what happened in the early hours of Sunday, edited of course. The voice of Alan Dedicoat came in at 01.21 and Bob was back at 01.45.

There was another glitch at the start of Clare Teal’s show last night too. Let’s just put it down to the approaching storm perhaps.

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entssouthwales said...

One of my favourite glitches was a pre-recorded edition of Pick Of The Pops with Dale Winton from around 12 years ago which appeared to repeat three songs after a trailer. It was even referred to (I think) by Richard Allinson in the following programme.

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